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Chef’s Table

Welcome to a nearly mystical dinner, just for the few, a true experience of a lifetime! What's more exciting than a top chef cooking your food in front of you, just for you and a small number of guests? In this type of event, your chef prepares your dishes, and cooks as he would have if you had booked in a restaurant. However, the process here is two-way: The meal is prepared right before your eyes, you can submit your questions and wade into specific details, describe your impressions and enjoy the meal all together. The whole process combines the prestige of a rare dinner with learning, a ritual of flavors with the spirited debate between people who share the same passion. Note: The Chef's Table could be an excellent, beyond the trivial, idea for members of a private club for example, the board of a scientific or professional association, etc. But one should keep in mind that the number of participants in these events is extremely limited, so booking in advance is necessary.