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Jean Louis Capsalas

While his dishes are oftentimes marked by the glamour of cosmopolitanism, at other times they emphasize the simplicity of Greek tradition, which he always approaches with a “twist”, so that the “old” gains a new life and the “new” is seen through the prism of the past. From the Greek burger with smoked pork shank Syglino of Mani, omelettes, cream cheese, tomato, lettuce and spearmint to salmon marinated with seaweed salad, peanut oil, red pepper sorbet and parmesan flakes, we witness his intention to respect and yet to overturn gourmet standards.
And he does it with ease! In each one of the sophisticated culinary creations of the executive chef of Deipnosofistirion Catering, Jean Louis Capsalas, the local co-exists with the global, Paris with the Mediterranean and the classic with the modern.
That’s justifiable, since the French-Greek chef came to Greece from Lyon in the late ‘80s, having previously gained remarkable experience in 3-star French restaurants of the famous Michelin guide. What he loves most about Greek cuisine is the uniqueness of its materials, meanwhile, he uses French techniques which literally unify the cosmopolitanism of the one and the authenticity of the other. For over a decade he worked as head chef at gourmet restaurants of the northern Athenian suburban area, as well as the the city’s centre, and since 2013 directs the kitchen of Deipnosofistirion Catering.
Witty and full of positive energy, he teaches gastronomy from A to Z, not only insisting on the basic principles, but also showing how they can be creatively and successfully  overthrown.